About us

What is Naki.tv? NAKI.TV is a new type of video entertainment platform. It is designed first with ethics in mind.

Whereas many internet media companies have mostly profits at the forefront, and few limits to content or advertising, we are committed to curating all content and direct-selling advertising so that we can achieve a truly safe and enjoyable experience for the entire family. In other words, our platform is free from any violent or otherwise innapropriate content or ads. This commitment is reflected in our name NAKI means pure in Hebrew.

As a platform we are initially catering to the religious Jewish market, but have the vision of expanding to other communities who may wish to create their own video entertainment applications where viewers can enjoy quality entertainment and educational content without the worry of inappropriate content, bad actors or abusive users.

The vision of NAKI.TV begins with a web app, but extends to native mobile applications and tvOS applications but in essence it is all about television. TV is the original content delivery method. Television is arguably the ultimate entertainment platform, because it requires less effort on the part of the user. One can merely turn it on and let the content wash over you. Show plays after show. Sometimes the series of micro decisions required for choosing what content to consume are fatiguing and overwhelming for users. This is why although we begin with a website or web app, we know that the end goal is actually a television app. Also it is important to note that in the spirit of purity, NAKI.TV will develop it's own television operating system and hardware, so that not just any applications such as those available on the tvOS Store (Apple) or other platforms such as Android TV Play Store (Google) can be downloaded. Those are everything channels, and as such, provide access to positive and negative influences. NAKI.TV will provide only reviewed and accepted applications to the platform, based on the moral and ethical values of the community, and there will be absolutely no content that one wouldn't feel comfortable watching as a family.

NAKI.TV is committed to enjoyment. The user interfaces are designed to delight and inspire. To easily find content, and to find more. The editorial team will continually source, fund, and produce original content and seek out licensing for existing popular content, to make it available on the platform. Initial popular verticals include but are not limited to: Music Videos, Cooking, Children's Programs, Comedy, and Lectures.

As a technology company, NAKI.TV is dedicated to continuous improvement and expansion. We pledge to reinvest in our platform for regular feature enhancements and updates, bringing industry leading technologies and experiences to our users. As a business partner, we strive to provide value and quality both as an employer and a medium of advertising. As a content partner, we pledge to meet or exceed the profit sharing offers provided by leading competitors.